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Baby Bear

Animatronic Baby brown bear costume. Image gallery

Baby A

Lifelike silicone newborn baby girl Armature wire (pose-able) Length from head to heel 43cm

Realistic Silicone Head

Silicone lifelike replica head for ITV’s Above Suspicion: Deadly Intent. Produced from a reworked life cast of the actor, then cast in platinum silicone. Art worked and finished with hand punched eyebrows and eyelashes. Image gallery

Mole – Animatronic Suit

Animatronic Mole suit for made for Sky Italia. This cute not-so-little guy was among the first of our cast of creatures to have his own Facebook page! Image gallery

Animatronic Walrus

16ft long animatronic Walrus able to hug a man. Hand puppeteered flippers controlled from inside the Walrus. Image gallery