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What we do

From singing sloths to putrefying corpses of Hollywood A-listers, Animated Extras have been creating all kinds of weird and wonderful things for the Film, TV, Theatre and Advertising industries since 1986. With too many credits to mention and not wanting to bore you sleep, a few of our favourite prosthetics projects:

In recent years more and more films are using VFX so we often find ourselves working alongside VFX to create “stuffies” from fully finished photorealistic animals to eye line aides.

  • Men in Black: International
  • Christopher Robin
  • The One and Only Ivan
  • Damsel


Some of our notable TV projects include

  • The Crown
  • Silent Witness
  • All Creatures Great and Small
  • Lovely Little Farm

You may have spotted our Bear, Gorilla, and other creature costumes in various commercials including

We believe in researching and pioneering new moulding and casting techniques, utilising all the latest available materials, and spend a considerable amount of time and effort keeping completely up to date. We can pre-colour and paint appliances if needed and punch tipped hair for hyper realism. When able we create effects in camera but often work closely with Visual Effects to get the very best results.
Our collective skills cover a vast repertoire of effects techniques, always delivered with meticulous care and attention, including:

Animatronics and Puppets

Bringing things to life with strings, cables, rods, and radios… from dancing slices of bread, to talking donkeys. No request would surprise us. Give it a try!


Animal and creature costumes, be it alien or lifelike, created around a performer. When you can’t get your common or garden lowland gorilla to talk to someone at a bar……or even peel a banana on cue in a rain forest, we can! But animals don’t get all the attention. When you want to add pounds on without overeating why not talk to us about fat suits. And our pregnant bellies cover every trimester!


AKA Make-up Effects (slightly cheaper than plastic surgery) including ageing, deforming, disfiguring – from the smallest scar to full body mutation.