Gordon the Boar

Animatronic Boar head for UK television commercial Clips Image gallery

Animatronic Sharks

Our realistic Great White animatronic sharks have appeared in many commercials and films including Kon Tiki, and “Blood in the Water” (the story of the real-life inspiration behind Jaws). This one is known as Daisy to her Facebook friends. Fully animatronic and remotely operated by our specialist puppeteers, the sharks deliver realistic and lifelike body […]

Animatronic Walrus

16ft long animatronic Walrus able to hug a man. Hand puppeteered flippers controlled from inside the Walrus. Image gallery

Animatronic Panda

Our animatronic Panda suit as featured in several Film and TV projects including ‘Hallo Panda’ and ‘The Mighty Boosh’. he lifelike Panda suit comprises an soft mechanical muscle structure which transfers the performer’s movements outwards with a hair suit is worn over the top. The animatronic head is remotely operated by a puppeteer and can […]