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Small Loggerhead Animatronic Turtle Image gallery

Avengers: Age of Ultron – “Vision” Prosthetics

Working alongside makeup designer Jeremy Woodhead we had the opportunity to realise Marvel’s “Vision” using a combination of clear backpainted silicone prosthetics, 3d printing, makeup, and VFX   Image gallery

Gordon the Boar

Animatronic Boar head for UK television commercial Clips Image gallery

Baby Bear

Animatronic Baby brown bear costume. Image gallery

Baby A

Lifelike silicone newborn baby girl Armature wire (pose-able) Length from head to heel 43cm

Baby and Pregnancy Effects

Babies and Pregnancy EffectsOur collection of baby and pregnancy effects include; newborn, premature, foetus and pregnancy prosthetics. Our animatronic babies feature a naturalistic jointed armature with bladder-controlled chest rig for rapid breathing. Available in both sexes with options of hair colour and skin tone. Image gallery

Brown Bear – “Bunji”

Bunji is our lifelike Brown Grizzly Bear costume, and is available for rental. A realistic Bear suit is worn by a performer and comprises an internal soft mechanical muscle structure with arm and neck extensions with a hair suit is worn over the top. The fully animatronic Bear’s head is remotely operated by a puppeteer, […]