Giant Animatronic Rabbit

Giant white rabbit suit featuring an animatronic head and muscle suit for Tooth. Image gallery

Polar Bear

‘Höff’, our Animatronic Polar Bear costume is worn by a performer and comprises an internal soft mechanical muscle structure with arm and neck extensions. A hair suit is worn over the top of this, with a fully animatronic Polar Bear head and neck. The animatronics of the bear’s head are operated remotely by a puppeteer […]

Animatronic Sharks

Our realistic Great White animatronic sharks have appeared in many commercials and films including Kon Tiki, and “Blood in the Water” (the story of the real-life inspiration behind Jaws). This one is known as Daisy to her Facebook friends. Fully animatronic and remotely operated by our specialist puppeteers, the sharks deliver realistic and lifelike body […]